Thigpen & Drndl Meet The Monsters: a novel about some stuff that happened Jonathan Berlin Author
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Thigpen & Drndl are these two guys who are in MUCH bigger trouble than they realize, what with Halloween being just around the corner and their having to defend all of humanity against the impending onslaught of unpleasant and inconsiderate monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula and other jerks like them who are sent to Earth by The Great Evil to do mean things to these two inexperienced teenagers who are not particularly athletic or extraordinarily brave, and given that both qualities being somewhat requisite to fighting off Eternal Evil types it's not exactly a fair fight at first. Also, there's a mean rock star who doesn't like them and who REALLY doesn't like their mentor, that weird old guy Professor Prometheus J Voorhees. But don't worry, at the very end, the good guys win!


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