Quest Before the Flood: Book One Jerry Corbaley Author
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Book One of the Epic Quest Series! It is about 825 years after the Creation of the earth, and another 825 years to the time of Noah. The world is still a paradise, but declining from perfection. Man lives over 900 years unless the increasing violence kills him. There is enough time for supremely skilled heroes to become legend, and for villains to fall far indeed. The animals, including what we call dinosaurs, are not afraid of men and the animals can be taught to be helpful allies; except those who have been bent and twisted towards violence. Most of the world is still uninhabited and even unexplored. It is time for Kwin to throw off his centuries of slavery and begin his lifelong quest for freedom from domination. But his flight leads into battle with a Prince, and the escaped slave and his friends become wanted criminals sought with all the zeal of the warlike and mighty Clan Hurang. This is Epic Adventure at its finest, with humor, mystery, romance and a thrilling end that leaves you grateful that there are many more books to follow. The characters are endearing and inspirational and you want to be with them. You want to journey with people like these, and to see the beauty and experience the wonder than they find each day. The storyline is plausible historic fiction to the author, and a rollicking good story for those who find it myth or fantasy. This is a time when the world was radically different from the culture you know. This is not your modern world! Here men and women gain the experiences of many hundreds of years, and still they are not close to their prime. Consider the villains and heroes of old; men of renown. Visit the author's website at Fight with Kwin of the Ancient Tales? Really? Achilles, Diomedes, Hector? Aye, they would fight him for honor's sake; but rather would they survive and follow him! As for me? I have the wisdom to leave him alone. Odysseus, King of Ithaca


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