It's Your Future: How To Get Your Most Rewarding Jobs and Careers Charles G Bird Author
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Are you at a crossroads and not sure what career direction you should take? Are you unhappy with your job and your prospects? Are you unemployed or under-employed or never employed? Did you get fired, or laid off? This book was written for you! It's Your Future is about you. It's for you if you are not happy with your current job and career or prospects. It's all about you, your career and job possibilities, your potential, your happiness. It's for you if you are looking for answers to your questions about jobs and careers. It's for you if you want a better future. It's Your Future is a easy to read, comprehensive solutions book. It shows you how to find a job and a better future in the right career for you. It contains resources, exercises, examples, and scripts you can use today. Maybe you just need a job and need help with job problems. Problems like finding and keeping a job, getting interviews, getting past interviews, or problems with applications and resumes, cover letters or just plain getting hired. It's Your Future, and the companion workbook, can help. Plus learn why it is so hard to keep a job in todays world. Imagine if there was only one possible job that you could possibly do, only one. Do you know how to go about getting that job? Would you know how to find all the places you could work doing that one job? Did you know you could be happy doing that job at one company but miserable at another? Even if you could do only one job, there are many places you could do that job but here is the best part, you can do more than one job. Did you realize people make bad career and job decisions all the time? Most people lack vital job and career information, this book helps fill that gap in easy to understand language. Inside It's Your Future, you will find practical information in such chapters as Tapping into Your Motivation, Defining the Right Job, Your Marketing Plan, Informational Interviewing and Researching a Company. There are extra chapters devoted to the problems of the unemployed such as Job Loss & Grief and Stress. There is even material on self-employment in the Hiring Yourself chapter. There is material that you can modify and use for your own job search activities. The are step-by-step directions on how to use informational interviews for your job and career growth. There are chapters on how to find job targets based on your interests, and skills, knowledge, experience. Plus you'll find a wealth of information on free resources available to you to day. Have you heard of the Occupational Outlook Handbook? It's a free government resource that can help you determine jobs that might interest you based on annual pay and many other options. You are going to work 100,000 hours or more in your lifetime, isn't it worth investing some time now and get the most out it? If you have employment problems, this book has solutions. It's all there, just use the parts you need and get going today.


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