One Foot in Front of the Other: A Widow's Journey Cynthia P. Anderson LICSW Author
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When Cindy's husband died suddenly while competing in a rowing race, she felt her life was over. Oh, I knew my body would keep on working-although I sometimes doubted even that. Ted was my sun, round which everything revolved. When fate extracted this one essential ingredient from my life, it seemed clear to me that I would never be truly happy again.Yet, the other thing I also knew for sure was that I would not be honoring my dead husband if I simply gave up and coasted to the end. Cindy could not have imagined at that point what lay ahead for her. In this spiritually - compelling memoir, Cindy recounts the roller coaster journey she traveled, from the rawness of grief, to the lessons learned while sharing with other widows, to the strengths gained from her willingness to take risks, and to her insights acquired from her spiritual explorations. With openness and candor, Cindy tells of her fascination with the inexplicable synchronicity of certain events, messages revealed to her in dreams, and information given her from mediums with whom she consulted. In her quest to understand death and what happens to us after we die, Cindy studied the world's great religions, Eastern and Western. Ultimately, her journey led to her discovering the radiant source of wisdom that is at the core of every religion- Love and Oneness. A spark of the Divine resides within and animates every living being. Reaching out with kindness and compassion, Cindy's life comes together when she learns that this indwelling spirit connects us all on the deepest level. And suddenly - Grace happens... again.


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