eBay 2016: Grow Your Business Using Social Media,Email Marketing, and Crowdfundi Nick Vulich Author
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Are you anxious to grow your eBay business?eBay 2016 is going to help you take your eBay selling to an all new level.Section 1. How to pick items that really sell on eBay. When you use the advanced search tool and these simple tips and tricks I teach you, you won't have to depend on anyone else's list to find out what's hot.Section 2. Email marketingHow you can use it to take your online business to an all new level. To drive the information home, I conducted an extended interview with Rob Cubbon, an expert in email marketing who gives you his take on how to approach the subject.Section 3. Social media marketing - Facebook, Twitter, PinterestSelling today is more about connecting with your buyers, and building lasting relationships. The days of one-and-done selling are over. Start connecting with your buyers, and watch your business grow. And, to give you that extra boost, I interviewed two sellers who are stretching the barrier with social media marketing - Lauren Lerner and Cameron Loughlin.Section 4. Funding your business with KickstarterCrowdfunding is an all new way to fund your business, but if you aren't familiar with how it works there are a few things you need to know. The first is a Kickstarter campaign can't be used to fund an entire business. It's there to fund projects, so you need to learn how to develop your business through a series of projects. Hence, just like the old potato chip commercial, one Kickstarter is not going to be enough. Of course, I've included interviews with two people in the know on how to run a Kickstarter - Hanson Grant and Brandon Kelly.And, by-the-way I saved the best part for last. eBay 2016 is now available as a paperback or audio book.Order your copy today, and start building your eBay business - one step at a time.


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