V.G. and Dexter Dufflebee Gail Nelson Author
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For Dexter Dufflebee, a day of exciting exploration and butterfly-chasing leads to a rather prickly situation when he gets stuck in a thorn bush! He yells and howls and cries for help, until he hears a squeak. A valiant yet teeny-tiny voice replies, There's no need to fear. Help is here. I'll get you clear. It's V. G. Mugurry, and he's only the size of Dexter's nose! How could someone so very small rescue someone so very tall? From endearing, cheerful rhymes to brightly colored, full-of-life illustrations, Russ Towne's V. G. and Dexter Dufflebee teaches children that you can be a big help no matter how small you are. Towne is the author of eight captivating children's books. For ages 3-7.


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