Dave Darrin at Vera Cruz H. Irving Hancock Author
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Book Excerpt: arrying a suit case. To the top of each case was strapped asword, emblem of officer's rank, and encased in chamois-skin.Going below, the pair breakfasted, glancing, in the meantime,over morning newspapers.Just before nine-thirty that same morning, our young naval officers,bent on joining their ship, stepped along briskly through theBrooklyn Navy Yard.It was really an inspiring place. Sailors, marines and officers,too, were in evidence.In the machine shops and about the docks thousands of men wereperforming what once would have passed for the work of giants.Huge pieces of steel were being shaped; heavy drays carried thesepieces of steel; monster cranes hoisted them aboard ships lyingat the docks or standing shored up in the dry docks. There wasnoise in the air; the spirit of work and accomplishment pervadedthe place, for word had come from Washington that many ships mightsoon be needed in Mexican waters.Eight dreadnoughts lay at their berths. Even as the boys crossedthe greRead More


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