THE IMPEACHMENT PAPERS: Summary Transcript of Donald Trump's Phone Conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky; Whistleblower Complaint Against President Tru
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This should sell for $3.99 The Gadsden Press is the ImprintOn July 25th, 2019, President Donald Trump spoke on the phone with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.A whistle blower reported the call, notifying the Inspector General for the Director of National Intelligence of the contents of the call. While The Inspector General determined that the call was an “urgent concern,” which is defined as a serious or flagrant problem, abuse, or violation of the law, the acting Director of National Intelligence overruled that decision and the report was not to forward it to Congress. Word of the report leaked out to the House, and the Democrats demanded to see the report. The report was delivered to the House, and a brief summary/transcript of the call was made available to the public. As a result of the contents of the report and the call, the House immediately started an impeachment inquiry. The Democrats released their official report and the Republicans responded to that report. We have collected all four documents in one keepsake quality trade paperback binding. Now you can read The Transcript of the call, The Whistle Blowers Report, The Democrats’ report, and the Republican response and decide for yourself if anything impeachable happened.


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