The Great Mother, Alchemy and David Jones B N D Edwall Author
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This is a book about sacred symbols, told by beings from within yourself. Beings that traditionally are protected by the Great Mother, by Mother Nature and by the long lost 'Goddess'. She who is the archetypal woman within That we seek as 'Source' or term 'God'. In the Mysteries - a transference and an initiation path of ancient wisdom - she could be the very Life and Heart of our existence on Earth. The story demonstrates how universal archetypes, if they are nurtured, may flourish as sacred energy expressions in our very own Psyche and Soul. Here you will find the treasures, the gifts, the alchemical gems long sought in many legends, sagas and lores. A great plunge into the wet is undertaken and a lesson for Heart to redefine her positions while she highlights the reluctance of Earth beings to understand the true nature of Spirits, of Nature's laws and of the Angelic Kingdoms. With the wee folk's illustrious wits and zealous labours, a quest for quintessence is told. Time travellers, shape shifters and animals will speak, a Sun master will rise above the horizon. A Star temple will be seen in the very lands of Grails, the lands of shamans, of Merlins and also of a mystical David Jones! Readers will be given insights into the craft of chiseling rocks, or true Masonry, as it has never been done before. The questions may arise, did one half of Soul miss out on something vitally important while stuck head-long working only the physical gold? Do we not know how to 'work' and administer sacredness? Have human folks missed out on how to live on Earth planets?


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