A Power Business In Hypnotherapy: how to create outstanding success as a hypnotherapist Michael Summerfield Stone Author
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STEPS TO A POWER BUSINESS IN HYPNOTHERAPYThis book is a step by step guide of things to do that will increase your business as a hypnotherapist. Indeed any therapist can use these steps to increase business and bring in more clients. If you want a marketing plan they are easy to find, this book is about getting bums on seats, increasing your income by seeing and helping more clients, That's it. It's not about anything else, the focus will be on what you need to do to bring in more clients and how to do it. If you follow and implement these steps your business will grow. These are not half baked steps, they are things and strategies you must do, if you do them your business will grow. You'll see more clients make a better name for yourself and as a result make more money. It's that simple, do them now, do them later it doesn't matter, because in the end all marketing or business plans boil down to one thing, what you do. In reality it doesn't even matter if you do them well. As long as you do them, of course the better you do them the better and more long lasting the result.The problem is you may have read twenty books on marketing, yet still not actually know what to do next.This book takes away that problem. I will detail exactly what to do, what strategies to employ and how to implement them, there are no if or maybes, I will show you exactly what I did to create and maintain a successful business of 15 to 20 clients a day. To the point where I was turning them away or booking a year ahead. No theory, just action. No secrets, no upsell, simply how I did it and how you can do it. All you have to do is...DO IT, and changes will occur.Those changes won't be in your personality like a self-help book, I'm sure you're already a very nice person, after all you're a therapist. The changes will be in the number of clients you see. How much money you make. If you have a problem with this, then this book is not for you, if you think a therapist shouldn't make an income from what they do, or money is evil or that you should not be paid for helping people, then I repeat this book is not for you. I couldn't make it any clearer than that, I'm not going to mince words. You can sort out your issues and problems with money on your own time, however if you want to see more clients, build your business and grow then just DO these steps, implement them and YOU WILL get more clients. It's not about marketing or feeling good or your personality, it's not how many motivational seminars you attend, books you read or hours spent in an arm chair, trying to figure it out. Success is about and a result of... WHAT YOU PHYSICALLY DO the actions you take. If you want to feel good about yourself, make some money, see more clients then tell me you don't feel better when the bills are paid, because of your efforts, input and work, the family has more time with you and your booked six months ahead.


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