Essential Oils: Essential Oils as Natural Medicine- Holistic Herbal Remedies and Recipes for Common Ailments Misty Jordyn Author
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Essential Oils - Your New Miracle Worker!! Say no to medical drugs. Say yes to essential oils! Throughout history, essential oils have been widely used for its different wellness applications. While medical drugs contain chemicals, essential oils are the exact opposite of that. It has one of the most natural healing properties that plays a huge role in aromatherapy, which has been proven to promote balance and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. Today, you can decide to progress toward removing the illnesses you have in your body. Essential Oils: 3rd Edition Essential Oils as Natural Medicine - Holistic Herbal Remedies and Recipes for Common Ailments - 3rd Edition, is your perfect guide to making your own essential oils. You can start making one from the comfort of your home and by using your favorite fragrances. Here Are Some Of The Topics Tackled In This Book: Why essential oils are better than other medicines How to use essential oils Extracting essential oil Useful essential oils Ailments that can be cured with the help of essential oils Suggested recipes for various ailments Although this book focuses mainly on natural healing, below are some other uses of essential oils that you can surely take advantage of: Use it as air freshener Use it to remove unpleasant stains Use it to disinfect and kill germs Use it as a local anesthetic Use it to remove dandruff There's more you can do with essential oils! It is non-invasive, and truly an agent of health and clean living! Life is easier with it, so BUY your copy TODAY and start reaping the benefits! Enjoy and live well!


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