The Happy Investor: Grow Your Retirement Funds Tax Free, Get Secure Double Digit Returns, Retire in Half the Time, and Live Your Dream Lifestyle Brian
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Most people invest their money in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Investing with these methods yields a 6%-8% return, on average. The problem is that if you're doing what the average person is doing, how can you get anything other than average returns? The answer is that you can't. Learn the methods Brian Bagnall and his clients are using to grow their investments tax-free and get safe and secure double digit returns at the same time. This would allow you to retire in a fraction of the time and live your dream lifestyle. You can put down this book, continue getting average returns, and have most of those returns get eaten up by inflation or you can turn the page and come on a journey with Brian that will change your life. Brian will challenge everything you've ever believed about investing but his advice will lead you to greater returns and the financial freedom that comes with it.


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