You Want To Be An Entrepreneur: Success requires more than just a great idea Jeff Stoller MBA Author
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You Want to be an Entrepreneur is a primer for new and future entrepreneurs. It's important to understand that launching a new business is more than just a great idea or a dream. It involves marketing, finance, law, production, accounting and everything that is the foundation of any business. Unless you simply sell the idea to someone else, you will have to deal with issues, overcome obstacles and solve problems that have little to do with your idea. Whether your dream is a new restaurant or a new widget, you will have to address contracts, licensing, labor and a whole range of topics you may never have thought of before. You Want to be an Entrepreneur doesn't give you all the answers. It gives you some answers but more importantly it gives you a broader vision of the matters that will be important and the questions that have to be asked. If you are confronted with an issue and remember that you read something about that in this book - and because of that you ask questions that help avoid a big problem - this book will have achieved its purpose. I wrote You Want to be an Entrepreneur as the result of experiences in two of my careers. As both a student and a professor of finance and law I saw that subjects are put into neat boxes. This class is marketing, that class is finance and this class is law. The reality is that to a great extent they intertwine and it is the ability to look at them all together in the big picture that lets you make better decisions. The other experience that inspired this book was my consulting firm where people with different ideas came to me for guidance and most had little idea what starting a business meant beyond having a dream. Listening to them tell me their visions and even their experiences talking to attorneys and accountants led me to the conclusion that if someone is going to pursue his or her dream and possibly give up the security of a job, they had better have a better understanding of the process because simply asking an attorney or accountant, with no disrespect to all the fine attorneys and accountants, was not necessarily going to be in the best interests of the entrepreneur. This book is for you, the entrepreneur -- the person with whom every new idea, every new product and every new concept begins whether you're Bill Gates who started Microsoft or Annie Brodsky who started Annie's Home-Made Lemonade.


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