The Power Of Better Series: Volume I - Leading Like You Own It! Why We Never Wax A Rental Car. Greg Gilbert Author
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I'm still the same ol' me is a line from a country song. It should not be your personal or organizational mission statement. Sadly, this line from a country song describes many crews, departments, companies, organizations, associations, schools, careers and lives. Greg Gilbert has found the secret to beating disappointment, discouragement and dissatisfaction. It is simple; Get Better. We are not here to keep things as they are. We are here to grow, develop and improve in all aspects of Leadership and Life. We MUST be intentional about getting better. Improvement is NEVER accidental! Pick an answer. My results, profitability, customer service and morale are; 1. Getting Better 2. Falling behind. There is no Staying the same choice. This is not an option. Getting Better should be a desired destination for every team member, manager, supervisor, HR Manager, teacher, administrator and association member in this country. The path to Getting Better will always lead through Education, Engagement and Accountability. There are no shortcuts. Great speakers and authors do not tell you what to do. They educate, inspire and encourage you to ask yourself two questions; 1. Why am I doing this? 2. Why am I not doing that? That is the Education. Great readers and attendees of conferences, keynotes and seminars will take the next step. They answer these two questions in writing and will implement personally or with their team; 1. When will I stop doing this and what steps will I take? 2. When will l begin doing that and what steps will I take? That is Engagement. Great readers and attendees of conferences, keynotes and seminars will take the final step. They will set follow-up dates to track progress to insure they are Getting Better. That is Accountability. This book will supply the Education. If the Education is taken through the Engagement and Accountability stages, Getting Better is guaranteed. This leads to better results, profitability, customer service and morale. These are the questions; Q. What are you doing to improve your team? Q. What has improved in the last 12 months as a direct result of your actions? Q. What is the Return On Investment for you reading this book or attending a seminar? The answers are in The Power Of Better. Greg Gilbert has written a book that should be given to every Foreman, Supervisor, Manager, HR Manager and every person in a position of Leadership or influence. They WILL run into the situations covered in this book. Why not learn from Greg's experience? There's an app for that.® - Steve Jobs There's a chapter for that. - Greg Gilbert This content was taken from presentations where for years, the guarantee was; if you don't pick up something that will help you in Leadership and Life, you do not pay. No refunds were requested.


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