Golitsyn Vindicated?: A Second Look at Splits in the Communist World During the Cold War Nevin Gussack Author
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Former KGB Major Anatoli Golitsyn was the subject of extensive controversy within the CIA during the 1960s and early 1970s. CIA officers surrounding former Counter-Intelligence Chief James J. Angleton were convinced that Golitsyn was correct in respect to false splits within the communist bloc. Other forces within the political and intelligence establishment lambasted Golitsyn and Angleton. Sadly, they were consigned to the realm of mental illness and paranoia and pushed out of the CIA. However, the historical evidence presented by Nevin clearly vindicates Golitsyn and Angleton. As the alliance develops between Red China and Russia, perhaps the Sino-Soviet split was vastly exaggerated by internationalist politicians, the practitioners of Realpolitik, and profit-hungry big businesses. This book provides a posthumous vindication for Major Golitsyn and James J. Angleton.


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