Bipolar Personality Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, Treatments and How to Survive and Thrive with Bipolar Disorder Gustav Friedman Author
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An estimated sixty million people worldwide suffer from bipolar personality disorder. The severity of this issue ranges from mild to extreme symptoms, from mood swings to depression and mania. More than 90 percent of those who recover from episodes go on to have others, often leaving them in a dark and fragile state of mind. Modern medical understanding has discovered new and innovative ways to help those in need, but the way forward is bound to be a bumpy road. The deceptive nature of this disorder might leave those suffering mistakenly believing they have recovered. Not only does this expose them to potentially increased symptoms but helps add to the associated depression. Bipolar Personality Disorder is a unique examination of what is also known as manic depression and how it effects so many people. Look deep into the past of bipolar disorder and come to learn and understand the causes, symptoms, and effects and how they can relate to several other illnesses. Filled with real-life stories, Bipolar Personality Disorder not only examines the history, but lays out a way forward through a combination of advanced medical approaches.


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