The Princess and Curdie: A Pastrol Novel George MacDonald Author
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Princess Irene’s great-great grandmother instructs Curdie to visit Gwyntystorm, the place where the king and his daughter have become unsuspecting targets of the royal court. He plans to use natural and magical gifts to save the king from impending danger. Following the events of The Princess and the Goblin, Princess Irene and her father travel to Gwyntystorm. Curdie, a young miner, stays at home where he encounters the divine presence of the monarch’s great-great grandmother. She also sends him to Gwyntystorm, where he must decipher the true nature of its men. Once he arrives, Curdie discovers a plot to slowly kill the king and eventually steal the throne. The Princess and Curdie shines a light on a beloved supporting character. Curdie proves his unwavering loyalty to both the king and Princess Irene. This is an adventurous tale that brings the dutiful sidekick to the forefront. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Princess and Curdie is both modern and readable.


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