Becoming New: A Devotional Guide for Letting God Transform Your Life Through His Word Kathy Foor Author
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I was challenged as a young Christian woman by the notion that, as Christians, we should be distinctly different from others around us. According to Gods Word, when we trust in Christ as our Savior, we become a new creation, but that is not what I saw. I asked God, If this is trueand I know your Word is truewhy are so few Christians actually being transformed? Why am I not being transformed? This devotional is the culmination of the lessons that followed those questions. God does not instantly transform us into new creatures. The evidence is clear on that! The instant we accept Christ as our Savior we are declared completely righteous, but the process of transformation continues for the rest of our lives. As I learned to apply Gods truth to my daily life, he has been faithful to transform what was broken into something beautiful. He took my fears and taught me to live by faith. He took my strife and taught me to live in peace. He taught me to trade my anger and bitterness for love and forgiveness. I have learned to trust instead of doubt. I am filled with hope instead of hopelessness, and my sorrow has been turned to joy. He took my feelings of worthlessness and helped me to understand my value in his eyes. I believe it is my calling to share with others how God longs to transform their lives too. We can stay as we are, or we can allow God to teach us a better way. With his Spirit to empower us, we can continue becoming the people he intended us to be. I hope you will join me on this journey to becoming new!


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