In the Light of Day by Steve Lampi
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We are longing to find something that will truly satisfy our hearts. This longing leads us into many situations and circumstances. In the end, anything we give our hearts to within this world will find its end. There is an eternal light that reveals our need and helps us understand those longings within us. Within this light, we find what will never fade away, always satisfying the human soul. What we desire most is love, but there is only one lasting love for humanity. When the sun is setting and the dark creeps in, what's revealed is only a shadow of who we really are. We are not fully known by others within this fleeting light, and many people find themselves living in the sunsets. We hope the oncoming night and passing light will reveal a bit of our beauty but hide what is perceived unacceptable or, in many cases, too real. Our ?spots?, our imperfections, have driven our entirety into hiding. It's a humanity problem. We hide. We've always hidden. We've found solace in the darkness, but our worth is not lost, and our value has not faded away. We are fully known, even in the darkest of nights. The life we live now is vulnerable to darkness, but there is no need to hide for acceptance. We all have our spots, we all have hurt, but what remains hidden from humanity will not find shelter from the light. When someone is close enough to see the struggle within and provides a way out, it's our opportunity to take hold of what we need and begin to trust.


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