The Number-One Thing with God Ray Fletcher Author
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Some people remember their dreams clearly, while others never do. Some people even see events in their dreams that actually come to pass. The Bible tells stories of those who had dreams. God has spoken to people in dreams as well, and he uses dreams to reveal events that will happen in peoples lives. In The Number-One Thing with God, author Ray Fletcher provides an account of the dreams revealed to him by God. Some of these dreams have come true, while others have yet to become a reality. He tells of dreams of beauty and comfort and others that were dreams of terror. Fletcher describes the wonder of what it was like to be with Jesus and see Gods light. Fletcher experienced dreams about the future and the end of time that compelled him to issue a warning to others to be ready to face the day of eternal judgment. Through the dreams, God disclosed the most important factor: he wants his people to love him with all their hearts as he loves them. A guide for staying on course, The Number-One Thing with God presents a message about faith and preparing oneself for an eternity with God.


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