The Addiction Investigation: A Parent's Guide - Is My Child A Drug Addict? Jane Stanhope Author
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My child is a heroin addict. She is one of five children and she is the only one that has gone down the horrific and dangerous path which she continues to be on. And when she first started using drugs I was oblivious. I had no idea that she was doing what she did until she had become a full blown heroin addict; injecting the drug directly into her veins on a daily basis. Where did everything go wrong? How could I have seen this all happening sooner? What should I have been looking for as a parent? This book is my guide. It's the things I learned along the horrific journey of my daughter's addiction. Hopefully the signs & clues I had to discover by chance will be helpful for other parents. What are the signs? What are the clues? What should an investigation look like? This is my ADDICTION INVESTIGATION.


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