The Interest Rate Solution, Ver. 2.0, for 2015: What You 'Still' Don't Know Can Cost You MANY Thousands and Move It Directly To Your Mortgage Lender B
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Update to the original 2013 version of 'The Interest Rate Solution'. Many home buyers and homeowners rely on research from others when buying or refinancing. Starting simply with the lowest rate can sometimes be more costly in the end. For example, an appraisal report is one of the key factors that can affect the interest rate if the appraisal doesn't justify the available equity in the home. What seems like a good choice today may actually limit your options in the future. The book includes an accurate technique to anticipate future interest rates. Since 2003, I have saved in excess of $53k over the course of my mortgage, or about 28% of the total mortgage, by following the technique I describe in this book, says Brice. This is information your mortgage lender or banker does not want you to know. The deluge of conflicting and deceptive information coming from the financial media and so-called 'experts', speaking from their advantageous points of view, contribute to a set of decision conflicts for the typical borrower, whether it is for a mortgage, or any interest rate sensitive product. It is essential that borrowers gather a basic understanding of what sources to use, what interpretations to make, and, most importantly, what historical trends are in place that will serve the borrower each and every year. This will save the borrower thousands of dollars for EVERY big financial decision from now on.


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