The RIDE: A Man and Girl Story J C Beaver Author
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This story is a fictional factual story of a fourteen year old girl caught in the web of growing up in the 60's. She is the beauty, and he is the motorcycle beast, eleven years older than she. They have a secret between them, that no one understands. Her pain is about to overshadow all her relationships, when the Ride takes place. The Ride that changes her life, and takes her into a deep place where she must search her heart for the truth of who she is, what she wants and if she will be able to stop, stop, stop the Ride. Follow her as she bounces between the man and the boy. A man who is obsessed with her, and a boy who loves her. She is a child in love with two guys, who grows up to be a woman in love with two men.. .. .. until reality finally sets in and she begins to understand The Ride.


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