Secrets to Planning the Perfect Speech for Lawyers - Audiobook, by Dr. Jim Anderson
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Words are what lawyers use to accomplish their job. Sure, when we think about lawyers giving speeches we often think about a lawyer standing in a court addressing a jury. However, it turns out that lawyers get called on to give speech in a number of different situations: sharing insights with peers, participating in negotiations, settling estates, etc. Since were going to be called on to deliver so many speeches, it sure seems like we should take the time to determine the best way to go about doing this speech giving thing.What Youll Find Inside: ONCE UPON A TIME THE ROLE OF STORYTELLING IN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION HOW TO MAKE A TECHNICAL PRESENTATION RIVETINGPERSUADE AN AUDIENCE USING 3 SECRETS USED BY PRESENTERSKNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: WHAT YOU DONT KNOW MAY HURT YOUJust think of all of the great speakers who have gone before you Dr. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Steve Jobs, the list goes on and on. Now youve been give your chance to change the world! I can well image what you are feeling right now fear, doubt, uncertainty. Dont worry about it. Ive got some good news for you all of those great speakers felt the very same thing. However, they were able to muster up the courage to go out there and give the best speech that they possibly could. They did change the world and you just might end up doing the same thing. However, before you go doing that, weve got to make sure that youve got a well-planned speech to work with. Planning a speech is the first step in creating and delivering a powerful and effective speech. In order to plan a speech you need to take the time before you start to write out your speech and think about who youll be speaking to. When planning a speech you need to make sure that you understand the purpose of your speech. Why are you going to go to all of the effort to create and deliver this speech? After you know that, take the time to think about your audience: what do they want from your speech? Youre going to have to choose what type of speech you want to give. You can choose to deliver an informative speech, a demonstrative speech, an inspirational speech, or a humorous speech. More often than not the speech that you end up giving will draw from all four types of speeches. The good news is that I know that youre going to give a great speech and its all going to start with the planning. Take the time to read this book, learn what you need to do in order to plan a great speech and then go out there and knock em dead!



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