Jay Ransome and the cave on Keever Island K J Rabane Author
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This is an adventure story for approximately thirteen- year-olds. Jay Ransome has broken his arm and circumstances leave him having to spend the Easter holidays with his aunt and uncle on Keever Island. At first Jay is bored, the Wifi signal is poor, there doesn't appear to be anything much to do. Then he meets Lily Grant and her twin brother Lucas and everything changes. Jay is swept into a mystery, beginning with who is hiding in the west wing of Keever house and why. Matters are complicated when Eliot, the cousin he hasn't seen for years and who has turned into a real nuisance, arrives on the island with his older brother Silas. Jay's has been told that Silas is a nasty piece of work and as far as he can see the description fits him perfectly. Will Silas and Eliot be responsible for causing trouble for Jay and his friends? Only time would tell.


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