Hybrid Operations for U.S. Army Conventional Forces United States Army Command and General S Author
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This monograph examines the feasibility of Army conventional units embedding special operations capability in order to remain relevant in the changing strategic and operational environment. The monograph uses historical examples of conventional units conducting special operations type missions in order to examine historical precedence of the feasibility. The monograph examines the MEU (SOC) as a possible stating point for an Army conventional unit that has certain inherent special operations capabilities. The monograph then details the concept of hybrid operations: those operations that can fall into the realm of conventional units or SOF. Based on the review of these areas, the author recommends the Army further examine the possibility of select conventional units becoming hybrid operations units. With a hybrid unit, the Army would continue its ability to fight along the complete spectrum of operations, assist ARSOF when required, and provide rapid response to the regional combatant commanders.


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