Hunter's Shadow Kathy DiSanto Author
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He's a wolf in dweeb's clothing. She's the P.I. wannabe determined to expose him.Sharp, shrewd, and gutsy, Candy Johnson was born to be a PI. Unfortunately, fate didn't get the memo.Temporarily trapped in a small-town gym teacher's life, Candy is marking time until she can make her big career change, when the mystery that's George Price drops right into her lap. Sure he's got a face and body to die for. He's also got the personality of a three-pound dumbbell and doesn't know his volleyballs from a hole in the ground. If Price is who he claims to be, Candy's Mother Theresa.When she decides to investigate Donnerton High's newest and most aggravating faculty member, she runs across some very interesting quirks in Pinhead Price's personality-flashes of tall, dark, and dangerous she finds almost impossible to resist. Before long and against all good judgment, she starts to fall, and fall hard, for a man who bears all the earmarks of a wolf in nerd's clothing.But what will she do when she discovers the shocking truth about George?


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