Supervision, The Most Valuable Workplace Skill You Can Have: Learn how to control the actions of people at work Tom McGinley Author
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Supervision is not hard to learn. In just a few hours, you will know more than 95 percent those who have been supervising people for years. You can begin applying this immediately in your workplace. The ability to control the actions of others at work is one of the best business skills a person can have. It will make your life easier, provide you with a path to more resources and give you a new way of looking at work. This is your key to success at work. Regardless of whether you are an ordinary worker or a senior manager, supervision is the key to your career advancement. Supervision makes you a person who can get things done by helping others be more productive. This multiplies your value in the workplace. Everyone, from the most basic employee to upper level managers can benefit from this easy to acquire, but seldom mastered, skill. If you are a supervisor wannabe or a senior technical manager who is responsible for others, the basic skills you need are the same. They are all in this book, and these skills are easy to master.


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