Steve Yeager William MacLeod Raine Author
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Book Excerptra. No, sir. I've got a job and I'm staying with it. I'll sit here like a horned toad till the boss gives me my time.The camera man beamed. To meet so debonair and care-free a specimen of humanity warmed the cockles of his heart.I'll bet you're some scrapper yourself, he suggested.Oh, no. He'll lick me, I reckon. Say, what do they hold you up for at this hacienda?The lank camera man supplied information, adding that he knew of a good cheap boarding-place where one or two of the company put up.If you say so, I'll take you right round there.Yeager reached promptly for his hat. You talk like a dollar's worth of nickels rattling out of a slot machine--right straight to the point.They walked together down the white, dusty street, crossed the outskirts of the old Mexican adobe town, and came to a suburb of bungalows. In front of one of these Farrar stopped. He unlatched the gate.Here we are.There was an old-fashioned garden of roses


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