Iranian Nuclear Talks: Negotiating a Bad Deal? Nonproliferat Subcommittee on Terrorism Author
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Iran has defied and lied to the international community for over a decade when it comes to its nuclear weapons program. Finally, the West got serious and took a stand and imposed real sanctions in 2012. The sanctions actually worked and Iran came to the negotiating table, but then the West retreated. Loosening up on sanctions just when Iran was beginning to feel the consequences of its actions was a monumental mistake. Netanyahu was correct. When this deal was made by the Secretary of State he said that this was a bad deal, a very bad deal for Israel and for the United States and for world safety. Since then, Iranian leaders have been emboldened by the economic relief they have experienced and they have reverted to their defiant ways. Recently, a top advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, Obama is the weakest of all U.S. Presidents. While the Iranians have their first string varsity team, we are playing our JV team. As it is, we don't know how many centrifuges the Iranians currently have. The old principle of trust but verify does not work in this case because Iran has shown that it cannot be trusted.


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