Megan and the Radio One Beach Party: A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother! Owen Jones Author
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Megan is a thirteen-year-old girl with Supernatural powers. Some of them are still only partially developed and others are working, but she doesn't know how to use them yet. Her biggest problems for the moment is finding a Teacher who can show her how to handle them properly. Another is that she doesn't know anyone who knows anything about Supernatural powers. In fact, her mother is violently against the Supernatural, as was her mother before her. The only people who seem willing to help her are dead, not that that makes any difference to Megan. She embraces their help with open arms In 'Megan and The Radio One Beach Party', Megan and her friend, Jane, go to the biggest youth social event of the year in Feyton, in fact the biggest for several years. Megan sees one of her heroes in a new light, and introduces Jane to aspects of making friends. During meditation, Wacinhinsha, Megan's Spirit Guide, shows her how to extract every last drop of 'goodness' out of an experience, whether it be a good or bad one. A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother!


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