Wally the Walking Fish meets Juniper and Cooper Louis Gary Lamit Author
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Note: You may contact the author and get personalized versions of the book: girl's name sister's name (or change to brother) dog's name small changes in the story color of cover color of the wording color changes to the interior change the picture and name of the dedication Sorry-- Cannot change the illustrations A young pig-tailed girl named Juniper, a grumbling and very hungry yellow Labrador retriever named Cooper, and a walking fish called Wally, all prowl the area around their pond, dunes and forest in search of adventure in Gary Lamit's enchanting Wally the Walking Fish Meets Juniper and Cooper. When Juniper and Cooper catch a fish in the local pond, they can't believe their eyes when they meet a real walking fish! They've never heard of such a thing and they don't know quite what to think. But imagine their surprise when the fish begins to talk and introduces himself as Wally! Wally soon charms them and together the three go for a fun walk around the area. While the yellow Lab humorously growls about his supposedly always empty belly, Juniper and Wally soon meet another friend: a beaver named Betty. As the group of friends continues on their journey, they soon pick up lots of interesting facts about beavers, fish, mushrooms and more. Parents will love Lamit's gentle message of diversity and the importance of friendship. Adults will also appreciate the sidebars of fun facts that are scattered throughout the text, which are as entertaining as they are educational. Children will be charmed by the bright, colorful illustrations and the whimsical story, which is filled with humor. Wally the Walking Fish Meets Juniper and Cooper is a wonderful fantasy that will find a place in any home library.


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