The Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith regarding The Trojan War T Robert Welling Author
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You might be surprised how much the Trojan War, Joseph Smith, the Ogle family, and Masonry have in common but the statistical connections are present. Despite the fact that Homer claimed to be either the grandson or the great grandson of either Odysseus himself or Homer was presented this tail through the writings of the grandson of Odysseus; either way makes no difference. The facts still remain, the story was told by, relate to others by and disseminated centuries later by Dorian's is the point. The Dorian's did not know enough of the situation in order to actually be able to hide through this tail the most important aspects of what this tail was all about. First this tail centers on the Amber Room located inside the center portion of the Temple of Apollo; which Priam ordered dismantled and shipped to safety by Aeneas before the Dorian's arrived on his shores. Second the facts that the Trojan Royal family not only escaped but they escaped into exile before Achilles was able to breach the upper city. The future city of Constantinople with its Great Temple e.g. Hagia Sophia was designed by a British (a descendant of Aeneas was by legend the founder of the British Culture in Northumberland) descendant assuming the Trojans crossed from Asia to Europe at the Bospherus Straight. Joseph Smith spent from his teens to the last moment of his life working to not only understand the information he had access to but to rebuilt The Great Temple to the Lord (EG Hagia Sophia, which was a copy of the Temple of Tyre, which itself was a copy of the Temple of Ptah at the center of Memphis Egypt.). To rebuilt the Temple of Ptah several hundred years later King David's grandson Solomon took the same measurements and information and Build Jerusalem; where the modern tradition of FreeMasonry started with Hiram Abiff. The Temple of King Solomon which B.Y. corrupted and did not know enough about the subject to built the temple correctly, he simply built a standard copy of a cathedral and modified it to Mormon needs. But the actual Tabernacle of Adam is what the design should have been; presumably based on the evidence and statistics the closest copy of is Hagia Sophia. Cassandra and her not understandable prophecies plays a key role in this because Joseph was also not understood and violence persuade him by Dorian descendant's both within and outside the organization he built.


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