Love Won't Let Me Wait Model Latoya Love Author
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Charmaine is an intelligent and beautiful woman who thought she found the love of her life. In the initial stages, she was showered with love by Devon who placed her on a pedestal. He catered to her every whim and she wanted for nothing materially, physically or emotionally. She was sure she had found heaven on earth and Devon was her angel. Her dreamy existence deteriorates suddenly and without warning, crashes and burns. She continues to love Devon through the agony and ecstasy, but he doesn't reciprocate any feelings or emotions. Devon disappears and Charmaine vows to find out what happened to him. To further complicate her life, she's constantly battling a rival at work always vying for the same jobs. Her disdain turns into curiosity and then desire. Looking for attention, she contemplates giving in to her physical and emotional longings. But even through the heartbreak, disappointment and rejection, her heart's desire is to find Devon and the love they shared once upon a time.


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