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Enjoy Me, a collection of stories by Logan Ryan Smith, tells the tales of unreliable narrator, Luke-a down and out, sometimes unemployed writer living in San Francisco among zombies, monsters, and cricket-people. He navigates this world in search of love, respect, drugs, booze, and satisfaction, often seeking others through a haze of fantasy, despite his evident misanthropy. But fantasy and reality mix, leaving everyone involved with questions of which is which, and whether it even matters. Sometimes likable, more often despicable, Luke relates his narratives with lyrical urgency and a healthy dose of fear, anxiety, and the inevitable apathy. These are stories of dark comedy and just plain darkness taking cue from writers the likes of Brett Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, and Joyce Carol Oates, but with a little less than one foot on the ground and more than a couple twitching antennae in the clouds.


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