No B. S. When Life's a Mess : A Girl's Guide: How to Go from Surviving to Thriving For 20-Somethings by Hollie Flynn
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Are you a 20-Something feeling like life is more of a mess than a success?: :: Could you use some cut to the chase, practical, REAL life success advice and action steps to get you on the right path?:: Are you are tired of struggle, financial and relationship problems, and lack of direction?:: Do you need help, but aren't sure where to look?:: Do you feel like there was something missing in your education that has left you unprepared for life?:: Do you want so much more for yourself, but have no clue how to break free from the life that is currently running the show? Hollie Flynn has you covered Hollie is an 18 year entrepreneur, Life Strategist, and No BS Author who started her "career" 40lbs over weight, 40k in debt, working jobs she hated, and feeling lost and frustrated. Using her own experience and intensive self-study she has created a cut-to-the chase inspiring AND practical guidebook holds 15 success lessons she used to open her first business at 26, create wealth, get in shape, and gain the confidence, courage and know-how to go after anything in life hr] This Book Is For You If: :: You've felt"My Life is a Mess "far too many times.:: You're sick and tired of worrying about money and ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck.:: You're ready for life to be less of a struggle and move into a life of more success, freedom, and fun.:: You're frustrated by relationships that have too much drama and drain.:: You're ready to learn 15 powerful and practical lessons about true success (hint: you were NEVER taught these in school).:: You want a life you love Buy NO BS When Life's a Mess and go from surviving to thriving today "I have to begin with what an impact your book had on me. The direct reflection and correlation I found mirroring my own life's trials was astounding, almost eerie. This book is a huge source of inspiration for not only the 20's generation but the mother's who survived the 20's generation and hope for a better road for their daughters." -Valerie Roberson, mom of two daughters hr] "Hollie, your book is amazing I just finished reading it. I found it incredibly empowering and VERY helpful. I LOVED IT I am definitely going to do the activities in the book, being that I am in a better place, but not my dream place. One step at a time." -Morgan, 22 yr old hr] "As a 23 year old having recently been in survival mode, I understand all too well the struggle that most women in their 20s face. The advice in this book is authentic, real-world driven, and a priceless tool for any young woman who is ready to put her life in her own hands." -Erica Therese, 23 yr old


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