The Late Bloomer's Almanac: Cultivating Mind, Body and Soul Throughout the Year Michelle DeSpain Author
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Are you stuck in a rut? Does your life feel a bit flat? Do you yearn to follow your dreams, but you're not sure where or how to begin? Or - horror of horrors! - do you think that it's too late to live your dreams? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then The Late Bloomer's Almanac is for you. Think of this full-color, bespoke illustrated, interactive book as the fertilizer for living your dreams. Each chapter provides mind, body, and soul food that will guide you in planting your dreams, bringing them to life, and encouraging them to thrive throughout the year. You can start reading The Late Bloomer's Almanac during any month of the year. It's a bloom where you're planted type of book designed to hoist you out of ruts, routines, or self-defeating patterns so that you can get on with getting your bloom on. And by the way, you're not too late. You're just in time. ***** To see a sample of Late Bloomer's Almanac please cut and paste the following address into your browser: Note that the sample is for the e-book version of the book, but the print version is nearly identical.


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