The Cambridge Papers: A Novel About Love, Romance and Deceit L. A. Wiggins Author
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In the late 1960s, with the Cold War becoming frostier within the Soviet Bloc, Billy Wrights missions were increased as a measure to expedite more extractions of high value targets. With each subsequent job, Billy would become a well-seasoned spy. After he was discharged from the army, Billy was granted a commission of first lieutenant, which would escalate into promotions never seen before since General Custer. The successes of CIA/ASA agent Wrights covert assignments escalated these ceremonial promotions. Wright, who thought his army days were behind him, could never say no to another exciting challenge. He still possessed his boyish looks, quick wits, and farm boy instincts, which he needed for covertly masquerading as a student in both Western and Eastern Europe and for his survival. Intrigued by the prospect of serving his country as a spy, he accepted every mission no matter what the danger. Billys instincts, or perhaps a guardian angel on his right shoulder, always kept him out of harms way.


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