Darkness on the Edge of Town - Audiobook, by Jonathan Maberry
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From New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry comes a collection of five stories set in "the Spookiest Town in America"including one brand-new story.In "Long Way Home," a young soldier returns from the Middle East and discovers that there is anotherand much strangerwar to be fought in his hometown.In "Mister Pockets," a young paperboy discovers that a random act of kindness may have greater consequencesespecially as night falls in Pine Deep.In "Property Condemned," a prequel to the Pine Deep trilogy, young Malcolm Crow and his friends go looking for ghosts and find something much darker and hungrier.In "Whistlin' past the Graveyard," a cemetery worker in Pine Deep begins to suspect that the dead are not resting easy in their graves.And in the new story "The Trouble," a direct sequel to the Pine Deep trilogy, Malcolm Crow thought he had destroyed the evil that had terrorized his town for forty years. But a new series of brutal murders forces him to prepare for another battle with the forces of darkness.



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