Education: A Collection of Short Stories Paul Donovan Author
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A financial planner mistakenly believes he needs a multitude of gadgets to thrive in a modern world. But as his obsession with material items grows, he can only helplessly watch as everyone he loves begins to exit his life. In short stories interspersed with diverse characters, Paul Donovan delves into the intricacies of modern relationships, religion, and passions. John Moore works within the world of education where he has finally secured a leadership position. But as rumors begin to circulate of a teacher restructuring, John—who is fueled by his romantic intentions toward another teacher—feels compelled to do everything in his power to stop it. After losing his job, Simon is diligently pursuing a master’s degree. But when he becomes distracted from his goals within the pages of eclectic books, Simon hopes that if he keeps reading, he will find the answers as to what is wrong with his life. Francesco Constantine is on a search for love. But the more he dwells upon the image of his perfect wife, the more unsettled he becomes. Education shares an anthology of short tales set in Melbourne, Australia, that deal with crises at the core of modern relationships with intensity, humor, and pathos.


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