Kathy'S Dream of Poetry Viola Kathleen Bates Author
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Through all the hell I went through God never left me, he just made me stronger to want to learn and achieve my goals and even though I raised my kids by myself after getting away from the abuse. My spirit was never broken, so no matter what happen in life dont give up and dont quit just remember it will get better and be strong dont let no one bring and be bring you down. I see miracles happen every day for I know me and my family are one. And I met someone 17 years ago fell in love, but it was good it scared him away and two weeks ago he found me again it was like we were never apart. He had been looking for me and asking everyone and we was all around each other in many areas but we never met until two weeks ago. He says he will never let me go nor I him. An answered prayer come true so never give up cause dreams do come true. Im a writer of Poetry Anthology. So far Ive done a book and wrote two songs and one day theyll be out there for the world to see. Some is already or the internet at www.poetry.com. My oldest son has a boy Taylor he will be 5 years old in two weeks and I have one granddaughter Maeleigh shes 3 months old and there both so precious at one time I thought about being a foster parent and this is changed. To where, when I get to where Im going in life I will have a home for the homeless and help people in need to be able to get back on their feet. My youngest son has finally met someone good and hopefully one day he may be getting married and hopefully one day he may be getting married and hopefully one day all thats done me and my man or my baby will to be. He has proposed and I said yes. But first things first always try to do what you set out to do no matter how long it takes you and in the end youll be glad you did I'm 54 years old now and my dreams are coming through Be true to yourself and good will follow.


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