Soro Any Fee Chukwu N'l Ka (Worship with Us in the Church) Molly Egondu Ukwuije-Uzoh Author
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Soro any fee chukwu (Worship with Us) is one of our Igbo through Worship series that emphasizes language fluency through emersion pedagogy and participatory ethnic theology. The series involves speaking, listening, reading, and comprehension in Igbo language. The overarching goal is to encourage the learner to start reading and speaking Igbo correctly, within a specific context. The book is in form of a Missalet. It contains the order of the Mass in pictures. It is a worship aid that includes the Mass, as well as some simple prayers and praise songs. It has been observed that when children are able to follow the order of the Mass, they tend to be more inspired to participate actively in the service and in the church community as well. Hence, this book might help to strengthen the concentration and Igbo reading skills of children as well as adults who a new to the language or the Catholic faith. It is also expected to give them a sense of belonging as members of the congregation, irrespective of their age. The book can be used at English Masses for similar reasons too. Please share Soro any fee chukwu with your family and worship community network.


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