How To Not Get Ripped Off when Buying an Annuity Alessandra Derniat Author
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An annuity is a financial product often used by people saving for their retirement or for creating an income stream during their retirement. But do you know enough about annuities to feel good about selecting the right one for your retirement? How do you know the one recommended to you is the right one for you? How to NOT Get Ripped Off when Purchasing an Annuity shows you in 4 clear and concise steps how to quickly and easily understand and evaluate any annuity you may come across. Written in language that even someone new to finances would find easy to understand, this book, written by the nation's premier consumer advocate in the financial services arena, is the ultimate annuity consumer guide. You Will Learn: 1) What an annuity is, why you might want one, and why you might not want one. 2) The 4 critical things you absolutely need to know about an annuity to knowledgeably compare it to any other annuity. 3) How to cut through all the sales jive and jargon and know when an annuity sales adviser should be shown the door and when to do business with one. 4) How to protect yourself, even from your own trusted adviser. 5) The easy, 4 step process that puts you in control of the annuity buying experience. You owe it to yourself to read this book if you are considering purchasing an annuity or if you simply want to learn more about them. It will give you valuable tools you can use to protect yourself financially.


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