The Old Mother Goose, Volume 4 (Traditional Chinese): 01 Paperback Color H.Y. Xiao PhD Author
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Please see free book catalogs at www urls: or DESCRIPTION: A Mother Goose nursery rhyme picture book (Volume 4 of 4) translated into Traditional Chinese. Based on a book illustrated by Kate Greenaway. OTHER PAPERBACK VERSIONS AVAILABLE: 01 Traditional Chinese (B&W ISBN:978-1505978544; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359024); 02 Traditional Chinese Zhuyin Fuhao (B&W ISBN:978-1505978551; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359031); 03 Traditional Chinese Tongyong Pinyin (B&W ISBN:978-1505978568; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359048); 04 Traditional Chinese Hanyu Pinyin (B&W ISBN:978-1505978575; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359055); 05 Simplified Chinese Hanyu Pinyin (B&W ISBN:978-1505978582; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359062); 06 Simplified Chinese (B&W ISBN:978-1505978599; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359079); 07 Traditional Chinese Zhuyin Fuhao with IPA (B&W ISBN:978-1505978605; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359093); 08 Traditional Chinese Tongyong Pinyin with IPA (B&W ISBN:978-1505978612; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359116); 09 Traditional Chinese Hanyu Pinyin with IPA (B&W ISBN:978-1505978629; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359123); 10 Simplified Chinese Hanyu Pinyin with IPA (B&W ISBN:978-1505978636; COLOR ISBN:978-1503359130). EBOOKS (COLOR) OF THESE 10 VERSIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN GOOGLE PLAY (No ISBN; Search by Title).


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