A Crown of Radiant Night: The Seven Thunders of Heaven, Book I Volume I Patrick J.R. Lyon Author
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The first volume in an epoch-spanning saga, A Crown of Radiant Night comprises an introduction to the fantastic and mesmerizing universe of the Lyon brothers' epic tale. Five thousand years after an asteroid's cataclysmal reshaping of the world known as Thais, two brothers named Caderyn and Belisar journey with their family from their sleepy farming village in the north to a gathering of the local clans. The fallout from this Calling will reshape their lives and set in motion forces long dormant... In the same land, Paedrin, son of a local warlord, finds himself suddenly orphaned and cast adrift in the world. Finding his way north through the trackless mountain wastes with a faceless evil in pursuit, Paedrin and his fellow travelers must find their way to a place that no-one has seen in a thousand years, a fortress known as Mar-Cathrak. Far to the east, across the terror of the Middle Deep, a gladiator named Kuresh fights for his life on the bloody sands of the death pits in the metropolis of Rija. A world-changing destiny waits for him as well, but for good or ill is in his own hands. Strange forces are stirring in Thais, both in Norika and its sister continent of Sutam. Treachery, love, war, and faith spiral through the world on collision courses with each other and the dark heart of the world. Where will this journey end? What is it's true beginning? Only time - and the intrepid dual authors - will tell us


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