Social Direct Selling Yes You Can Book Two: How To Grow Your Business leigh Walton Author
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Book Two builds on the previous book in the series 'Social/Direct Selling - Yes You Can! How to be Successful', and will help you to take your business to a higher level of success.This guide will teach you how to grow your Social/Direct selling business and how to increase your earning potential. Whether you want to increase the number of product presentations you have booked into your diary, generate higher sales, or build a successful team, this book will arm you with the tools to create a large business which can provide an exceptional income. Leigh has coached and trained Social/Direct sellers to increase their earnings beyond £90,000 ($151,555) per annum.From learning 'Best Practices', to 'Coaching and Developing People' - Leigh has it all covered for you.The down to earth and direct advice that Leigh provides (and is known for) is suitable for those fairly new to Social/Direct selling - but willing to push themselves - but also for experienced sellers who want to develop their skills and grow their business!


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