Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer: The Evolution of a $1m Web Designer Liam Veitch Author
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Make Freelancing More Stable Freelancing is difficult. It's tough to plan for growth (in client volume and revenue) when current income is too unstable to even consider anything beyond the here and now. This book dives deep on making freelancing more stable, beating treading water cycles, repelling 'bad apple' clients, multiplying online exposure and follows the journey of Liam, with honest, clear advice and guidance from laptop and rented desk to $1m web agency. Achieve the freedom you're looking for A perennial business builder who 'finally got something to work', Liam Veitch has many strings to his bow along with many failures to learn from. Web designer and now founder at UK based web agency Tone ( as well as freelancer community Freelancelift ( this book comprises everything he wished he knew first time around. In his own words, he did freelancing 'right this time' and this book comes from a realisation that in the three years which passed - this second time round as a freelancer - the business has generated over $1.1M. This debut, feature length book lays out the key mindset fixes which made this possible.Who's it for? This book exists to help freelancers earn more this month than they did last month, by leveraging big-business thinking and creating a state of constant evolutionary improvement. My intention is to describe my experiences and provide inspiration and practical advice for putting them to work in your business. These experiences have led to an enormous amount of financial freedom and professional predictability for me...something I could only dream about before. What's inside? 226 pages of honest, actionable advice to help you build something incredible from your tiny freelance business. Make freelancing more stable Beat treading water cycles Repel 'bad apple' clients Multiply online exposure Build income predictability Have dream clients find you Leverage recurring revenue Work less while earning more Let's do this The purpose of this book is not to show you how to build an agency, nor is it to improve the actual service you're providing (I'm making the assumption this is already the best it can be). This book is here to help give a fresh perspective in a space dominated by mediocrity. Your time is now. As a one-person business, it's easy to think that you're somehow exempt from that word... 'business'. I'm here to tell you this is what keeps most freelancers thinking like, well, freelancers. Screw that! This book serves to lay out everything I wish I'd have known first time around. It's been exhausting, a blast, and I can't wait to show you what I came up with.


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