Broken Trust: A Journey from Survivor to Victor and Beyond Charlie Edwards Author
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This is my story and it is important to tell it in its fullest details. It was difficult to put pen to paper at times as I discussed the details of what was wrought upon me as a child. But this story is one that must be told. It is imperative that people know that no matter the difficulties we may face, no matter the abuse we received that in the end only one thing is important, Jesus is the answer. Jesus will heal the hurts you may have and protect you through every situation. He is protecting us even when we are unaware of his love for us. We often are unsuspecting how those in our life can touch us in positive ways that may not be apparent until many years later. Even when we are as far away from him as can be, he still loves us and protects us until we come to him. As I said, this is my story and it's imperative to tell it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to know how to come to Jesus.


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