Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones. But Your Words Can Also Hurt Me: The Power Of Parents' Words Jim Garnett Author
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Our words are powerful! Especially the words of a parent to their children. Those words can single-handedly create or crush a child's self-esteem.Since most parents will parent the same way they were parented, we need to make sure we emphasize what our kids are doing right, not just what they are doing wrong.With practical easy-to-apply principles, Jim Garnett shows parents how to develop a lifestyle of catching their kids doing something good!As Dr. Phil McGraw so wisely states, We do what we know, but once we know better, we should do better.If you are willing to learn, even if it means you have to re-calibrate your perspectives, this book can be a life-changer for you, and more importantly, for your children.


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