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The Man With The Golden Sword John B. Leith was 26 years old when WW II was over and he left the service of the allied forces in Europe. He described 12 of his 62 missions behind enemy lines rescuing German prisoners. He was ordered not to acknowledge any of his combat service until after his death (1998). Finally his story is told. Several of his missions involved sacred relics of the Christian era. They seemed to protect his team in the ongoing struggle between the forces of good and evil. Donald M. Ware, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret), MSNE I treasure my fascinating relationship with a man of courage and competence writing about his own experience but unable to be recognized for his great service and valor while alive. Each chapter is a mission impossible, a true-life drama rivaling Raiders of the Lost Ark. He showed no fear for his life or welfare. He developed a sense of spiritual protection. Robyn C. Andrews, Regression Therapist, Researcher, Author Certainly, The Man with the Golden Sword is one of the most riveting accounts of an American World War II hero I have read. These once classified missions by John B. Leith are now revealed. His heroism is unequaled. This book is a must read for all of us who want to know the hidden valor and courage of those who fought so bravely. Robert D. Miles - Motion Picture Producer A most compelling story of one man's quest to complete his mission while trying to protect his moral character and beliefs. John B Leith was an amazing character, skilled soldier, and highly trained writer. In his quest to follow orders and rescue Hitler's most important prisoners, his valor greatly embarrassed the German military and is reported to have shortened the war by weeks. Some of the best-kept secrets of WW II are finally revealed. Well worth the read. Michael E. Forte, Investigator, Researcher


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